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Film News for He Wanted the Moon

Discover the latest announcements regarding the film adaptation of He Wanted the Moon

Since the He Wanted the Moon was published (in hardcopy last year and paperback in February), there’s been exciting news regarding its film adaptation. For those who have been following the book’s success, here’s a quick recap of the recent film news, including the latest details regarding a certain Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright:

Brad Pitt | He Wanted the Moon | Plan B

Brad Pitt/Photo © Joe Seer/Shutterstock

November 2015: Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B options the book! At the end of an interview with Vulture, Pitt reports, “It’s a gorgeous book, and especially about mental illness.”

February 2016: Only two days after the paperback version of the book is released on the 16th, Variety announces that Tony Kushner, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, is teaming up with Pitt to develop the “medical research drama.” The article also announces that the making of the film will be a “co-production with Cross Creek’s Brian Oliver and Tyler Thompson producing with Plan B,” and that both companies have officially “acquired movie rights to the memoir.”

Tony Kushner | He Wanted the MoonMarch 2016: Page Six’s Cindy Adams gets the details of how Tony Kushner was invited on board, as well as his creative process thus far. Kushner says Pitt “liked my writing, and we’ve talked of a few things. So he asked if I’d read this and would I consider adapting it. The tragic story moved me.”

After admitting his last screenplay for Steven Spielberg-directed Lincoln took a bit too long to research—seven years to be exact—Kushner says he “can’t do that again,” especially when his first draft is due in mid-May!

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